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How does it work?

Our feet were originally designed to walk on soft surfaces such as sand and soil. These surfaces are kinder to our feet as they give way as we walk on them, meaning that every part of our feet share the pressure equally. Unfortunately, the world we now live in is far from what our feet were designed for. The flat, hard surfaces mean that there are areas of our feet that take more pressure than others. This can make us more susceptible to conditions such as overpronation, plantar fasciitis and many others. Orthotic insoles offer a solution to this problem. They work to lift the arches of the foot and cushion the sole, which overall helps to evenly distribute the pressure throughout the foot. This can help to alleviate pain and reduce the chance of going on to develop painful foot conditions. All of this means, that with the help of a pair of orthotics, you will be pain-free and able to handle wherever life takes you and your feet! 

Can I still wear my favourite shoes?

Yes absolutely! We are passionate at Ease the Feet about providing you with both comfort and style. We have a range of orthotics, each tailored to different shoe styles meaning we will have something to meet your every need. With the addition of the orthotics, your favourite footwear will be adapted to ensure the pressure is shared evenly throughout your feet, reducing any pain. With the orthotics, you will be able to both enjoy the appearance of your favourite shoes, and how they make your feet feel too!!

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